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We are

a group of students who realized that finding NGO work was both time-consuming and tedious. To address this challenge, we created a digital platform to streamline the NGO community service search process

Our initiative

aims to streamline the process of finding NGO work by leveraging digital technology. We connect NGOs in need of volunteers with individuals who are looking to contribute their time and skills.

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For Users

Desktop Social Media Website: A familiar, user-friendly interface that facilitates easy navigation and interaction among users and NGOs.

Ease of Use: Our intuitive design ensures that you can effortlessly browse, connect, and contribute to various causes without any hassle.

School-Sponsored Sign-In: With your school's backing, every student is automatically signed in, creating a community of like-minded individuals ready to make a difference.

Students Only Login: Ensures a focused, student-driven platform where you can interact with peers and NGOs in a secure environment.

5-Minute Login Process: A one-time, swift, and secure login process that takes just 5 minutes, saving you time for what really matters - making an impact.

For Institutions

Access to a pool of enthusiastic volunteers keen on contributing to meaningful causes.

Swift and hassle-free connection to volunteers, making coordination effortless.

Promote new events or opportunities with just a few clicks, allowing students to sign up easily.

Monitor student engagement and contributions, ensuring the effectiveness of volunteer efforts.

Gain insight into students' community service engagement and progress

Ensure authenticity and commitment of students towards their volunteer work.

Simplify the community service experience with a singular, comprehensive platform dedicated to bridging students with reputable NGOs for community service endeavors.

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